Intuitive, Simplicity, Honesty, Compassion

We find it so challenging to be honest. Yet we live a lie. Knowledge is healing. Allow me to hold you in the Chrysalis of great change.


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My theory and observation of being on the fields of working with people, for over 20 years; is that the way in which we were nurtured as children, plays a big factor in how we think, feel and behave. 

If you are suffering depression, ill health of any kind, inability to connect with people? 

It is in self awareness, we are able to hold and unite these factors of separation into our hearts. In sincere validation; there seems to be a way the body and heart responds in the capacity to heal itself. 

With this innate wisdom. All we have to do is organise a few tools to get our minds out the way for a moment. Where miraculous internal shifts begin to unfold.

My Experience Involves:

* 18 years of Nursing

* Palliative Care

* Women's Health and Post Natal Care

* Support Work, Mental Health, HIV Special Dementia Unit (Yarralla House) and Vulnerable Children

* Student; Diploma Of Counselling (TAFE)

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Crystal Oracle Readings

The Mystery Lays Within

My Unique potential is to communicate the Crystal messages in a way that you can understand. The intention being of healing, wholeness and bringing the parts of separation into the heart, mind and body. Finding the causes of suffering together with Guidance as mindfulness. Empowering you in a way that is witnessed, held and acknowledged. As validation is one of the most powerful techniques in therapy.

When an individual is ready to strengthen, I intuitively find solutions, that are not advice, but tools and techniques.

In each moment knowing that letting go is the ability to change. 

Two Hours     $200 AUS

One Hour       $150 AUS

Half Hour        $33 AUS


Chakra Evolution Yoga

Unity, Purity, Simplicity, Wisdom

Chakra Evolution Yoga was birthed out of the thirst for the Divine, By Collette Oonah Corcoran. A gentle yoga of applying the tools of self love. In simplicity there is depth. A movement that both heals and encourages flow.

No Need to be flexible.

This is purley a nurturing space.

Specifically for depression and anxiety.

We take it very slow. 

The Medicine Wheel, Bondi.

45 Oxford Street, Bondi.

Sydney Australia

One on One Session

$200     2 Hrs

Group Class

$25       1 Hr





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Chakra Evolution Yoga is unique and simple with it's own system of values to help your body build upon it's capacity to heal itself.


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