Crystals have this amazing potential to change whilst humanity is transitioning. What i mean by change, is that Crystals surface from the underground earth, to present themselves for humanity in accessing healing pathways.

The Earth Gaia forever blesses me with knowledge and comfort from the chaos of duality. The choice is that we are moving into the times of freewill, by pushing ourselves in a way that ignites a Phoenix like compression of the mind and body. What i am referring to is the current world wide "Riots".This is nothing new, however there is a truth unfolding and expanding to the surface, the bias, the thoughts and the landscapes of control. We can no longer be in denial of our darkness and pain on a collective scale.

That can be drowned in taking away our freewill, to decide what is best for our rights and our legislative laws, that are being tested.

On a bigger picture perspective, there is certainly a Phoenix rising, although either viewed as planned or unplanned.

You must be, which i truthfully say, for the desire of humanity to heal and end suffering; aware in some way. That the choices made from materials other than nature, is certainly a path of self destruction.

I silently pray on my alter, consistently for peace and healing. I declared with all my might, against all odds of extensive Trauma, at a young age, that i would move out of suffering. I knew deep down in the thirst and my rebellious force of fire and passion, of my heart that i would end my own inner suffering. I have continued to thirst for this.

When honesty is felt, convergence of the heart bridges the separation and true oneness is visibly present in life experiential. The world of feeling is certainly being drastically brought forward in the current uprising.

We have all been living in denial. A disease that numbs us and encourages our minds to believe we are always right and that we are more powerful than the laws of nature itself. This is the way of the masculine.

The transition is that we feel our world, it is how a bird knows to seek water. It is how a snake knows to quickly move away from human interaction and danger. It is the cat purring when trust and faith is restored. They feel.

However many of us are acting from emotion alone. I was once informed by a Knights Templar; sometimes emotions are being used for the manipulation of provoking an enforced system. When in extreme anger, it is hard to find a way to strengthen choices. This is to say that when in forms of trauma and deep suppression, through childhood?

There must be a space of validation and compassion for the individual. To safely feel these emotions that have been tightly held within the body. If not? Then mental health is affected, that reaches it's heights of anxiety and violence.

To regulate emotions, is often challenging for those whom have been through trauma.

Then Moonstone is your crystal to embody and work with.

Keeping moonstone on your body and in touch with your skin, opens the pathways to firstly recognise that emotions are to be felt in order to flow and loosen into the opportunities of change.

As you make that case of the first occurance of repression, you are able to move into feeling with ease.

Feeling creates your world.

Feeling enables you to make right choice with the natural laws.

Feeling allows compassion and healing.

Feeling helps one to mature into the Soul Self of Peace.

In the Blessings of the Ancient Grandmothers, you belong here.

Inspired by Justin Moikeha Asar.

Moonstone is the Crystal that helps me develop into the Potential of The Soul.

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