Your Body as The Holy Grail

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Dear Sister

What is it that you need to show your precious body the love she needs.? Is it being with a relationship that inflicts more pain and bedroom scenes of erotic expression, without love and care for your beautiful arms, the skin on your legs and the delicate face?

Does he or she take you in fully to gracefully etch your soul, mind and body into the rivers of worth and value? Are they prepared to be patient enough to tune into the ways your inner child is craving for but does not quite know what she wants, even in self awareness and reflection? Are you being judgemental with yourself or are you kindly mapping and organising the self, to cope with what is dished out at you?

Dear sister, this is not a fantasy. I am not expressing from the view to deserve less or that any of this is your fault, I do not wish to take you on the path of self blame nor blame of another. Your mother and father that needed to keep you safe, did not know how. Choice and freewill is a tricky game to play in a world that you felt submitted to or angry at.

Do you push your body to prove something to an industry? Did your mother tell you to wear a bra or even that personal development teacher whom had no idea of the landscape of the body, and the sensitivity of the nervous system that needed to be brought home within the strength of your own power? Did you not know that the slightest gentlest touch of the skin on your hand can send an electrical impulse to remind your heart of the gift of love. The love og giving and receiving with a truthful compassion that is falling from the angelic realm to sing songs of remembering who you are.

All i am requesting is that, do you respect the physical gift that you are, as well as your soul and heart? Can you bring yourself here as you are and know that you have the potential to heal what you ache for. Self Worth and self love. I must admit this is easier said than done and to master this is not an outcome, but rather an invitation to sink in slowly and explore in all honesty how you feel and then hold yourself there. Like a baby staring into the mothers eyes in all innocence, mystery and knowing at the same time.

Can you just for a moment stop with all the information that you are told from the industry? And explore the mystery that re-calibrates itself in appreciating your body with Chakra Evolution Yoga.

Where you come as you are, no constrictions, no following a standard. You in your real self. You as a person that no longer needs to sit at home alone wondering how you will deal with what you are feeling before you go to sleep at night and when you look at yourself first thing in the morning. Have you ever layed naked in front of the mirror and told your body?

Thankyou for taking me this far, thankyou for holding me, thenakyou for all the hard work you have done for me, thankyou for putting up with everything thus far, thankyou for creating life and giving birth, thankyou for hugging those i loved, thankyou for taking me up those steep hills and stairs just to get through life. Are you not sick and tired of acting and putting on masks that envelope through everything you do? Then hiding away because you have no one to turn to. We are all over the independent world of the industrial revolution, trusting systems that are falling away. Who are you going to trust fully and feel safe with? whom?

In Love of the Sisterhood and our precious bodies.

By Chakra Evolution with Norma

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